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Lessons from lead qualification

In a prior life, as a salesperson for and Microsoft CRM licenses and consulting services, lead qualification was one of the most valuable and transferrable skills I learned. But I have a confession. Early in my career, I was nervous as hell about asking direct questions to customers.


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As startup founders, we can do a lot of good within our companies to help humanity evolve toward a more validating, equitable, and just collective. During Pride Month 2021, let’s ask ourselves how we can do better and do more than engaging in rainbow capitalism.

When developing products, is your…

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Happy engagement! If you’re already thinking of attending upcoming wedding expos like The Bridal Extravaganza in downtown Houston, looking at ideas for dresses on Pinterest, and googling things like “how much does a wedding cake cost?” — you’re in the right place.

In collaboration with Budget Savvy Bride, Enriched Couples…

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A tortorous flywheel

One of the most profound experiences I’ve had as a mental health pro was in grad school at an IOCDF conference. I’ve had a similar feeling, being deeply moved, by a similar situation recently. I’ll explain.

In 2015, my mentor at the time, a…

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Nice to meet you, please be my mentor

One common mistake founders make — including me — early in their startup journey is rushing into mentor relationships with people they’ve just met. It’s understandable, really.

Founders are often sponges, looking to learn from people who can shorten the painful learning curves of starting a business. And, it’s not…

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Civic engagement

Today (January 19, 2021), Enriched Couples is proud to join Civic Alliance, a nonpartisan coalition of more than 1,000 businesses working together to encourage every American to participate in shaping our country’s future.

Civic Alliance strengthens our democracy by encouraging civic participation, supporting safe, accessible, and trusted elections, and building…

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Connecting the psychological dots

Money can be stressful. Throughout 2020, money has proven a widespread source of stress for Americans. Perhaps due to the visibility of this nationwide issue, there’s an emerging appreciation for the reality that economic stressors are emotionally activating.

Various national financial wellness reports from 2020 show financial health concerns also…

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