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Cofounder, Enriched Couples — Measure, grow, and track healthy relationship habits with unified financial goals. 💑💸

Sexual and Gender Minorities as individuals and couples are often an afterthought.

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This 5-day challenge helps engaged partners unify their vision and values for a healthy, lifelong financial partnership — starting with the wedding budget!

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Friendships among female founders within the VC-funded, unicorn-aspiring startup sphere can amplify self-compassion.

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A tortorous flywheel

Founders need mentors, sponsors, and champions, which all function differently and on different frequencies.

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Nice to meet you, please be my mentor

Enriched Couples aims to increase civic engagement by providing our employees and customers with resources to take action.

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Civic engagement

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  • Live and recorded events
  • Job boards
  • Member directories
  • Networking
  • Scholarship alerts
  • Training
  • Fundraising resources
  • Apprenticeship or internship matching

Affinity groups — female founders

  1. Female Founders Alliance
  2. Female Founder Collective
  3. Hello Alice
  4. StartOut 🏳️‍🌈
  5. SoGal
  6. Women Who Startup
  7. Flik
  8. Women Founders Community
  9. Bunch of Founders 🏳️‍🌈
  10. Girlboss
  11. iFundWomen
  12. Female Founded Club
  13. Vinetta Project
  14. F-Bomb Breakfast Club

Affinity groups — women in tech

  1. Women Who…

Relationships, mental health, and financial stress all intersect due to social psychology.

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Connecting the psychological dots

Suicide prevention hotlines aren’t the only medium for suicide prevention and crisis support.

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Use these sources to pack a personalized holiday mental health coping toolkit.

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